William Rand is founder and president of the International Center for Reiki Training.  He has put together a series of Guided Meditations and I have chosen three that I feel will help individuals reach a different level of healing and self discovery, meditations that I have used myself and found to be very enlightening during my meditation.
While I am not a licensed therapist, I will discuss with you your purpose in choosing specific meditations, guide you through the visual meditations, then talk with you afterwards about the experience you had. 
Healing the Shadow Self  Feeling anxious, worried, angry, depressed, low self esteem?  Healing the Shadow Self is a Reiki energy infused guided imagery meditation that introduces you to your shadow self and helps you to understand why the shadow self within you has been creating unwanted experiences, and guides you through a healing process.
Spiritual Protection and Healing  Feeling like someone has been sending you negative energy that has had an impact on your emotional well being?  Spiritual Protection and Healing is a guided imagery meditation, infused with Reiki energy, that is meant to heal you of any negative feelings within you that this unwanted energy has created, and produce a protective field of healing energy around you and break all negative psychic chords.
Past Life Regression  Have you had dreams or images that seem to be coming from a past life?  Or do you have any past occurrences in this life that need healing?  Past Life Regression is a guided imagery meditation, infused with Reiki energy, that will guide you into a past experience, in this life or a past life, that you may have brought with you into your currect life for better understanding, healing, and personal growth.
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