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Harmonious Self means a well-balanced self.  My purpose in creating Harmonious Self is to aid in healing and bringing into balance your physical body and emotional well-being through various techniques, techniques that I have successfully used with others as well as myself.  
My own life  has been one of many struggles, starting with the death of my first husband when I was 29 years old and had a 2-year-old daughter.  While my daughter is now married and has 2 children of her own, and my second husband has been a cancer survivor for over 10 years, I could also say that my life has been a journey, going over many bumps along the way, but one that I would not change. 
I have grown emotionally and spiritually over the years, yet I acknowledge that I am still on a journey of growth and self-discovery.  I hope to share with you what I have learned thus far.  
I offer the experience of serene relaxation through Reiki to promote healing and help put you into a state of harmony with your body, mind, and soul.  I also offer Guided Imagery Meditations, Lightarian Reiki and AngelLinks, Chakra Activation, Women's Circles, AromaTouch Therapy, and Writing about yourself in order to assist you through your own growth and self-discovery.  I anticipate that our experience together will be one of harmonious growth for both of us.
  - Boneta Ray (Bonnie) Zaman, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, RMT, ICRT Member