An AngelLinkā„¢ is a simple, etheric energy connection that is permanently established between an individual and a particular angelic being.  In general terms, the AngelLinks have been inspired by Seraph Rose Aura and the Archangels in order to pass on many of the qualities and energetic patterns embodied by these angels into the energy fields of humans.  Once recipients have been linked to the Angelic Realms in this energetic way, they are empowered to share the AngelLinks with others - serving as a conduit for propagating these angelic qualities and patterns throughout humanity.
Lightarian AngelLinksā„¢are established during  simple, guided meditations led by a facilitator, to be conducted in-person, by telephone, or via a remote session.  This connection could be viewed as a specific event, which launches an energetic process as you begin to integrate new angelic energies into your own evenrgy fields.  Having been certified by the Lightarian Institute, I offer this series in private sessions, after which you will be certified and will receive ongoing inspiration and support, encouraging you to express these angelic qualities in all areas of your life.